AEGIS Card Game Prototype

AEGIS Card Game Prototype

I wanted to make a head to head CCG-like game involving crafting and dice. I made a prototype about a year ago but I benched it because I couldn't think of a theme that made sense. Then one day it hit me, AEGIS Combining Robots would be perfect. I DM'd Breeze on Discard and ask him for all his art assets. He said "k". Let's talk about the AEGIS Card Game!

Build a Robot. Craft a Win Condition.

This is a card game about crafting a robot effectively and cleverly. A well built robot is how you win the game! Be expressive and clever. Each combined robot gives you a different type of win condition.

Roll and Allocate Dice.

This game uses a set of RPG dice and it's resource system. Spend dice to play cards and abilities. You also need these dice to roll attacks against your opponent so manage them carefully! Each color (and type of) dice is tied to a class of robot. Manipulate your opponent's dice and power down your opponent's robots.

Assault Class (d10 x2)
A dice you have two of. These Robots are hard to power down. They gain effects in battle.

Evasive Class (d8)
Strong Robots with powerful quick abilities. They gain effects when they come into play immediately.

Guard Class (d12)
These robots can't attack solo but they have huge stats. They bolster powerful passive effects.

Intelligence Class (d4)
Pay dice or discard cards from your hand for the strongest abilities in the game. They have the lowest power.

Support Class (d6)
Middle of the road power. Their effects manipulate and happen when other dice are rolled.

Combining System
More expensive cards are stronger and hard to keep in play but if you combine them into your Combined Robot, it will be very powerful! Alternatively, you can build weaker quicker robots with weaker cards. The game Combined robot can be made various different ways! Based on how you build your robots, you may be adding bonus effects into your combined robot. In a way this is a competitive crafting game.

Does this interest you? I made a prototype and I'll be talking about the design process of this prototype in future posts.