Hey you. Sit down and let's explore games for competitors, families, and story tellers. Solis Game Studio is latinx family owned and located in the California Bay Area. Check out our titles below!

Our Games

Pocket Paragons
A dueling quick fighting card game!Now with new expansions!

Space Lion
Battle. Outmatch. Manage your army in a massive free for all!

The Massive-Verse Fighting Card Game
A dueling quick fighting card game!

Temporal Odyssey 2
Draft Allies from Across Time & Space. Rewrite your fate.

Treat Please! 
A game about a week in the lives of very good dogs.


AEGIS Card Game Prototype

June 10, 2024
Build a Robot. Craft a Win Condition. This is a card game about crafting a robot effectively and cleverly. A well built robot is how you win the game! Be expressive and clever. Each combined robot gives you a different type of win condition.
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Terrene Encounters: Long Lost Drafting Game

May 31, 2024
A long lost prototype about a drafting version of Terrene Odyssey.
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Paragon Spotlight: Cataclysm

March 13, 2024
Cataclysm is a Rogue Sun villain who struck a dark bargain with powerful malevolent forces to be able to kill the previous Rogue Sun, Dylan’s father. She is able to drain those around her, and that power manifests in different ways in her kit.
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