Paragon Spotlight: Inferno Girl Red

Paragon Spotlight: Inferno Girl Red

Welcome to the designer blog for Inferno Girl Red! Be warned that this article has spoilers for the Inferno Girl Red comics, which I highly recommend you read, if you haven’t already!

Cássia’s story is one centered around the theme of confidence and believing in one’s self. To capture that, Inferno Girl Red is very strong when she’s winning, and on the weaker side when she’s losing. She has a fairly simple set of abilities, but you’ll need to be playing at the top of your game to outwit your opponent and keep the momentum shifting in your favor!

It all comes down to two sides of the same Passive. While she’s winning, Inferno Girl Red gets a damage boost to her abilities, which helps her stay winning! And while she’s behind, she gets nothing. Her abilities are a little below the curve without this boost, so you’ve got to find some way to get back into the lead.

The opening turns of the game are the most important ones for Inferno Girl Red, as they’ll set the pace for the rest of the game! It’s tempting to want to play your biggest hit right off the bat to generate that lead, but it also makes you incredibly predictable. If you open with Inferno Ignite and get countered, you’re in big trouble! If you open with Blazing Rush instead, you aren’t hitting quite as hard, but you are countering the Agility card that beats your best card. She’s very dependent on getting that early lead, and it can be worth mixing up your plans from game to game. Plus, saving Inferno Ignite for a later turn might score you a Vicious counter, which lets the +1 bonus from your passive also get doubled into a massive 6 damage hit!

Inferno Girl Red’s ultimate, Dragon Blast, is 3 damage for only 1 energy. This is only matched by Pocket Paragons Origins character Seris the Pyromancer, who is known as one of the most aggressive characters in the game, but Cássia can turn it up one more to 4 damage if things are going her way! But watch out, as having your most powerful card be blocked will do a blow to your self-esteem, and you’ll lose the ability to ever play it again! — Brian McKay