Space Lion Concept Art

Space Lion Concept Art

Check out the concept art from Space Lion: Divide and Conquer. Many characters went through various styles before we landed on the one that worked! Here are are few characters from sketch to final design. 

Malakos, Unhinged Star Captain

This is one of the first characters we designed for Space Lion. He's a Starship captain modeled after a captain of the open ocean. He's designed around deep sea creatures of the depths. His name is diveritive of the word Malice but is also similar to Malacosteus, a type of deep sea fish. 

Mahes, Ruthless Titan

The mech can be the strongest unit the game if you build it right. We wanted to show it under construction and dynamically in battle between it's unit card and hero card. We look at mech tropes before we settled on a design that fit with the Enerhiya army.

Proteus, Vaccus Royalty

Vacuus are modeled off deep cave lizards that have never seen the light of day. They are soft white organically and they use their shadow armor to protect themselves from the sunlight. While monstrous, we added a little flare of elegance to balance it out. 

Malaya, Free Spirited Engineer

Malaya is a care taker for the machine army, Enerhiya. At first we started with an edgy look but we wanted her to be a introvert who loves her work. Even though she's alone all the time, she sings and dances while working on her creations. To keep with the family motif, Inay is presented as a mother and Diyo as a big brother to her. 

If you would like to see more, let us know!