Temporal Odyssey: Teams and Themes

Odyssey Series Core Mechanic


Both Odyssey games are completely different from one another but share characters and themes.  Here are some overlapping characters and concepts across both games. 

Overlapping Mechanic: Team Composition
Terrene Odyssey is a heavy card game about building a team of 4 characters, giving them equipment, and leveling them up against another team of 4. Players take cards out of their deck to set up their team in secret, then over the course of the game, reveal these cards for the fight. Putting different classes of characters together is critical to success. The combinations are massive. 


In Temporal Odyssey you draft cards from the past, present, or future and enlist them on to your board. While the game isn’t immediately team based like in Terrene, the design philosophy of classes are the same. Putting them together into groups allows characters to share their abilities with one another which is what this game is all about. 

Recurring Characters and Themes
The Odyssey series shared setting allows for some storytelling to happen across titles through art.

Sammy, Recurring Warrior
In both games, Sammy is at Warrior class character. The Assassin class in both games hard counter this class. 

From left to right: Sammy from Terrene Odyssey and Sammy from Temporal Odyssey.
From left to right: Assassin concept art feat. Sammy and Sammy about to get assassinated again in the distance of this Assassin’s art. 

The Children of Terrene Odyssey Heroes can be found in Temporal Odyssey’s Future Deck.

The future requires a different kind of skill set. All these children are engineers!

Being a hero runs in the family. Cards displayed on the top are from Terrene Odyseey, while Temporal Odyssey cards are shown along the bottom.

Travelers are everywhere
You’ll see them here and there. You never see their faces. The idea is that this specific traveler could be any of the Travelers you are playing as, from the past, present, or future, just visiting this moment. 

Traveler from Terrene Odyssey. Excellent at taking out powerful characters. It’s purple barred ability means it cannot be interrupted (because of time travel).
A Traveler, updated version of the piece seen in Terrene Odyssey. Playable in Temporal Odyssey as the token character “Alternate Self”.
A Traveler has come to alter time by taking out Skylar. From Terrene Odyssey.

Thank you for joining me on this nostalgia trip on making the world of the Odyssey series. If you would like to check out either game, our webstore is now open!

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